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Whether your meeting is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, we’ll help you reach your audience.

Content Collection

Collect and manage all your content on one admin interface without the need for additional integrations.

Presentation management

Speakers can upload presentations from any location before an event. Once uploaded, files can be edited online, and all versions are auto-saved.


Depending on your requirements, ePosters can be collected as single- or multi-page PDF or PPT files with or without audio narration. They can also be collected in MP4 format.

Multiple format media files

Do your speakers have to submit multiple media files? No problem! cOASIS can handle a variety of formats, including PPT, PPTX, MP3, MP4, JPEG, and more.

Content Distribution

Whether your meeting is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, you want to make sure your content reaches your audience, that your participants connect with each other, and that you can quickly pivot to a different format if necessary. cOASIS makes your life easier by providing a single all-in-one platform designed for any event format. Secure, scalable, and GDPR/ADA-compliant, cOASIS provides interactive tools and an inclusive approach no matter where your audience is.

Content Capture

Do you want to capture your content and then make it available later? Would you like to add it on your library or website? No problem! cOASIS automatically captures all sessions and presentations streamed on the platform.

Even if you self-produce your sessions through the available video-chat tool, cOASIS will still capture the content for you.

Presentation capture

Would you like to capture only specific presentations and not the entire session? We can do it!

Video chat capture

Want to self-produce your session and then add it to your library? We’ll have it ready for you right after it’s done.

Session capture

Want to make the whole session available on demand? We can handle that too!

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Give your sponsors and exhibitors the value and visibility they seek.

Self-Service Portal

Sponsors and exhibitors can now upload, edit, and preview all their material by themselves in a few clicks.

Visibility Opportunities

cOASIS offers a wealth of measurable visibility opportunities, including static and rotating banners across the meeting site, expo halls, lobbies, exhibitor booths, meeting bags, and branded waiting rooms.

Interaction options

Sponsors and exhibitors can benefit from one-on-one interactions, group text, and video chat to connect with attendees. Additional options such as e-mail or in-app messages are also available.

Level-based feature packages

Include unique features for your platinum sponsors. Create individual packages according to your exhibitor and sponsor level.


Interactivity Tools

Create an inclusive meeting environment and bring your audience together.

Attendee directory

Attendee Central is a directory of all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. On Attendee Central, one can see other individual profiles. Depending on their privacy settings, they can also see a headshot, contact options, and a bio as well as meeting contributions, with links for direct access.

Text chat

Moderated or unmoderated text chat is available for sessions, presentations, and ePosters, as well as exhibitor booths.

Video chat

The one-on-one or group video chat can be used for different purposes: self-produced sessions or webinars, ePoster presentations, one-on-one or group networking, as well as for interaction between attendees and exhibitors.


Polling can be used for virtual as well as hybrid meetings, allowing both onsite and remote attendees to participate. Polling can also be set up to serve pre-and post-meeting questions.


Live Q&As are designed for both hybrid and virtual meetings. Questions can be filtered and passed on to the speaker by the moderators.

Networking lounges

Dedicated networking lounges can be created to bring together attendees interested in connecting on the same topic.

API and Integrations

Though cOASIS handles a large part of your meeting needs, we know we do not cover everything. But we’ve got you covered: cOASIS is already integrated with leading third-party systems.

Some of the integrations available are CompuSystems, Experient, and CV for registration; Event Pilot (ATIV), Tristar (Core apps), and CrowdCompass for mobile apps; Encore, Jspargo, and Content1 for presentation management; and EventBit, cVent, and TurnOutNow for RFID and Bluetooth beacons.

If you don’t see your third-party vendor included, don’t worry. A solid API ensures a seamless and simple integration process with any provider you prefer.

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