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Services & Implementation

Whether you want us to work with you throughout your meeting’s lifecycle or you’re comfortable doing it all yourself, we offer a range of support and implementation options.

Project Management

Don’t leave anything to chance. Our project management experts are ready to help.

Full-time assistance

Our project management team will guide and assist you from the very beginning to the very end of your meeting, providing support and advice on best practices during setup and meeting preparation.

Timeline management

Your project manager will introduce you to your project timeline. All contract deliverables, due dates, tasks, and responsibilities are included in the timeline, which will be the roadmap for the entire project.

Weekly project updates

We’ll provide access to our internal project management tool, where you can see the entire meeting timeline, including tasks assigned to you. We’ll also share weekly automated reports and task notifications.

Clear escalation

To manage escalation, we have a clear workflow and decision-making process to solve problems quickly and efficiently.


We will train you to become a cOASIS pro! We’ll provide access to our training portal, weekly training sessions, and webinars, as well as a knowledge base and how-to videos. If you need further training, we also provide specialized refresher sessions.

Technical Support

With offices in Europe and United States, our technical support team is available for you 24/7. All technical support members receive ongoing training on our solutions and services.

This commitment to training lets us serve you with rapid, high-quality support assistance. We can connect via phone, e-mail, and chat.

24/7 Customer support

Phone support

E-mail support

Chat support

End User Support

We support your meeting participants and attendees 24/7.

Submitters support

Reviewers support

Speakers support

Committee members support


Implementation Options

Would you like us to personally guide and assist you with your meeting planning? Would you like us to handle configurations, or are you comfortable doing it all yourself? It’s up to you. Your needs are unique, and so are our solutions.

Full assistance

CTI performs setup and meeting configurations, including sending the notifications.

Partial assistance

CTI performs the initial setup. From there, you set up and send your own notifications as well as update instructional information.


You do everything by yourself. We provide technical support.

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